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[Podcast] Introduction and Brief Overview of the Possibilities Show Podcast - Episode 1

[Podcast] Introduction and Brief Overview of the Possibilities Show Podcast - Episode 1

Jovan Medrano facilitates you into an insightful conversation of what's possible in your life. From topics about self awareness, personal development and hearing other people's life stories that will give you new distinctions and inspiration for what's possible for you.

Discover new ways of how you can create a more exciting and fun life. In the end, we all want the same things in life, to be successful and happy. The more we strive for them, the more we venture into new possibilities.

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Hello, hello! Welcome to the very, very first episode of, "The Possiblities Show!" Alright, so I actually thought about doing this for quite some time now. In fact, last year, when I went to a meditation retreat, which was called the, Vipassana, during that meditation retreat I was able to clearly see myself doing this podcast. So it took me about a year to actually, plan out everything, think of the ideas of what I'm going to do and also procrastinate a bit. And so, here we are now, and so thank you, thank you very much. And I really, really appreciate you being here and listening to this podcast. And I really, really hope that, I mean, I'm going to be able to deliver a lot of information, new things to you guys, and of course, a lot of value that you can use in your life.

(1m 15s):

So that's my main intention. Okay. So today is going to be slightly different, today's session, since it's the very first episode, there will be a lot of a introduction. So I'm going to introduce myself and what's this show about, and how it's going to be run, what's gonna be the structure, and all these things. So why don't we start? All right. So first, who am I? So hello, I am Jovan Medrano and I am an entrepreneur, or at least that's what I label myself, but sometimes I do label myself as self-employed, but basically what I mean is that, I am someone who actually is not working for anyone...

(2m 10s):

mainly just for myself. Of course, I do help out my clients. Basically I work for them, but what I mean is that, I run my own small businesses. So I have a few. So I have a one here in Singapore, which is an art school. We basically teach kids, you know, from four years old to around 12-13 years old and we teach them drawing, painting, you know, a lot of art stuff. And also I have another business in Philippines , which is another small business, which is in property management, wherein I help some of my clients who owns properties in Philippines and I handle their property.

(3m 1s):

Whether I lease them out, I handle the tenants, and/or if they want those units sold as well. So that's another one. And then I have another one, which is in the education part, which we actually teach people how to trade the financial markets. All right. So those are the things. So with those small businesses, I'm actually able to live the life that I've dreamed about, many years ago, and right now, so I'm redesigning... I'm thinking about, what else can I do?

(3m 43s):

You know, all these things. So, yeah, but it wasn't always like that, you see? I can say that, you know, I'm just like you. I went to school when I was young. I actually took up engineering, electronics engineering, in one of the popular and prestigious schools in Philippines, and I graduated. And after that, I worked in a multinational company as well, as an engineer. So I did that for almost close to a decade and, you know, things happen, you know, recession, then I got retrenched.

(4m 23s):

And then that's when I started thinking about, what else can I do? And then that's how I "kinda"... kinda discovered the beauty and the fun in actually creating, building, and running businesses. So that's when it started. It was roughly around 10 years ago. Wow! That is quite a long time ago, 10 years ago! So, yeah, so I started doing businesses since 2009, and I've experienced it all. I've experienced businesses that went very, very well and it really, you know, shocked my mind like how much potential and how, like, imagine I was, when I started working as an engineer, when I was a fresh grad, I was earning roughly around 8,000 Pesos or that's close to...

(5m 38s):

that's close to about, $150-$160 US Dollars. And then when I started one of my businesses during 2009-2010, somewhere there, and in one of my stores, one of my stores. So let me repeat, in one of my stores, the store actually earned somewhere around $280-$300 US dollars in one day. So imagine that, like, a guy, a normal person, a normal guy, like me, who went and started working, earn somewhere around $150 US Dollars per month, right?

(6m 34s):

And then, I did this business, this small business, and one of my stores actually earned $300! Double of what I was paid monthly in one day! So imagine the shock, you know, that I got and the amazement that I got, like the possibilities, you know, like, "Wow, like, this is really out of my own reality!" So that's what happened to me when I started doing businesses. And ever since then, I was just hooked. I was just hooked on how amazing businesses are and what it can give to us.

(7m 23s):

So, yeah. So then of course, it wasn't all, you know, "bed of roses". And in fact, a couple of years after starting that business, the exact same business that I was talking about that earned $300 in one day, it, you know, actually started, you know, sales started to go down. Basically it, you know, started to fail. If I can say, you know, because sometimes, especially in life, in business, and experience, it's not one moment. So it's actually a series of small things that are happening. So that's, that's how I describe it.

(8m 4s):

So this business started to, actually fail. And that's when I, upon reflection afterwards, right? That's when I realized that actually, "Hey, I wasn't really equipped to actually, you know, handle that situation." So anyway, moving forward, so that failed business actually affected a lot of things in my life, you know, my relationships and all this, and it set me back a bit, also our entire savings was wiped out and I was in debt.

(8m 46s):

And of course, the most logical thing to do is to actually go back to work and to earn some money and pay off these debts. And that's what I did. But at the back of my mind, I always had this like, inkling to do business, right? So anyway, a couple of years ahead, you know, moving forward, I was doing quite well in my work, but I was starting side businesses as well, you know, and some of them were very, very good ideas that we really wanted to execute, but, you know, there were also other things that made it a failure, if I can say.

(9m 46s):

So, but, you know, I'm totally fine with failures because I actually learned a lot from these experiences.

(10m 42s):

So anyway, moving forward again, I can still remember, with all those side businesses, right? One of those side businesses was this art school that we have currently, and for me initially it started as a side business, but when things started picking up, then I decided that, okay, I can go full time on this and it's really possible. I think it's my personality as well, wherein I'm not afraid to actually go all in and take the risk in doing these particular things. So, yeah, so that's what I did and five years down the road, yes, we are on our fifth year and we've been doing pretty well! It has provided very (much) good for our lifestyle, and I'm very, very grateful that I got this opportunity, and you know, to be able to actually create this possibility again of being in business and doing things that I love.

(11m 41s):

So yeah, so I'm very, very grateful for all this and not only that, after that I was able to do other projects that I wanted to actually do. So I think that for me, that is very, very important. I can actually allot time to (do) things that I like, you know, that I want to do. So, yeah, so that's me, that's where I am now. And because of this, you know along the way, I am also very grateful to a lot of people, a lot of friends, a lot of mentors that I got, the coaches that I got, these people helped me get through, you know, those tough times.

(12m 36s):

And also they're there during the good times as well. And because of that, I wanted to, you know, I wanted to actually give back what I've received from all of these people, and actually help more people. And in fact, I've been doing this about 2-3 years now. I've done volunteer work (and), I've done several charity works as well. So all of this I've been doing 2-3 years now and it really feels good to be able to help other people so that they can get more out of life.

(13m 25s):

So I think that's what I want for them. So anyway, so that is a very good segue for me to actually ask this question. Like what, because the title of the show is "The Possibilities Show," right? And so you may be asking, okay, what, why that title? So to me, if you ask what "possibilities" mean to me, right? So, I did a quick search in the internet, and you can do as well. You can see some definitions, different definitions of possibilities, but these are some of the words that actually popped up, you know, so first is, "potential,"

(14m 12s):

then a phrase that really caught me is, "unspecified qualities of a promising nature." Promising natures, right? And then another one, "able to be done; the ability to do." So, I like those words that I saw from the possibilities definition, but mainly this show is a lot about, "personal development". And it's because I think, for myself, when I went through those very hard times in my life, I was really, really down.

(15m 8s):

And, you know, I had these like feelings, negative feelings of anger, of being depressed. And also like, you know, it came to a point that I wanted to actually, "end it all," you know, and those times were the, actually, the lowest for me. And what kept me going is really, what else can I do? What else is possible? So in fact, one moment that I can clearly remember in my life, right?

(15m 56s):

So it was during that time that I was in debt and I took up two jobs. So I was a sales engineer in the morning and I was also doing part-time teaching at night. And I really had to take two jobs because I wanted to make ends meet, pay off my debts, and all other financial things as well. So there was this one time, it was mid of the month and I actually checked my wallet, and I know that my bank account actually didn't have money in it because I had to pay off my debts, and I checked my wallet, and inside my wallet, there was only one bill, which is a 20 Peso bill.

(17m 8s):

So this, to give context, this 20 Peso bill is not even enough to actually buy a decent meal in Philippines. And during that time I was like thinking, "Oh my," like, "I still have two weeks to go before my next pay, and I only have this much in my wallet..."

(17m 51s):

And I was like, I'm not going to ask money from my parents - I mean, its the last thing on my mind, like, the last thing that I want to do is approach my parents and actually ask for money. And so I was thinking, "Oh my God, what am I going to do?" And luckily, when I was still working for that multinational company, actually during that time, I traveled a lot. And so, I'm also very grateful for that opportunities that I had when I was working there. I kept a lot of foreign currencies, you know like, well, I mean it's not a lot a lot, but I kept a few of different types of currencies like, Vietnamese Dong, Indian Rupee, what else?

(18m 53s):

China RMB (Renminbi). And I kept those, it was because of, to actually have like a remembrance or to keep those memories of what I did in those places. But at that point I actually thought, "To heck with it," you know, like, "I'm gonna... I'm just gonna, take all these currencies and go to foreign exchange, and exchange them." And that's what I did! It's not a lot when I actually exchanged them, but it was actually enough to, you know, to get by those two weeks.

(19m 44s):

Yeah. So, I'm very, very grateful for those foreign currencies actually. And in fact, I was so shaken up during that time that I had thought of, I think I said it earlier as well, of "ending it". And that one night I was just like so fed up, like, "Oh my God, nothing is going right," and all these things. And this was before I had the idea of exchanging these currencies.

(20m 24s):

And at that night, in the place that I was sleeping, I just shouted... just shouted very, very loudly. And when I did that, I was like shouting to someone, or to God, or whoever's up there and like, complaining how unfair things are and what's happening to me. And so I went into this rage of, you know, like helplessness and all these feelings.

(21m 12s):

And so that's why I shouted, but right - immediately, right after I shouted, there was this deafening silence... it was so quiet. It was very eerie. And, it's not like I'm in the middle of, I mean, even if you're in the middle of forest, you'll hear something, right? But yeah, I was in the middle of a village subdivision, and it was so quiet and it shocked me that I had to like, just be present, you know?

(22m 2s):

And at that moment, I thought of actually going back to Singapore. So when that popped up, that's when I decided, "Okay, there is still something here or there's, you know, there's still some possibilities I can actually achieve or do." Well, so that's me, that's my story in, well, at least one of the stories that I have for you guys and I will be able to share actually more of what I've experienced in life and what I've learned from them.

(22m 56s):

And I do hope that it will be helpful for all of you guys as well. So moving forward, I wanna discuss, what will be the format of this show? All right, so the format of this show will be either a "monologue," you know, like me talking about (and) telling you some information, or stories of what I've experienced before, what I've learned, and all these things. And what I want to actually help you guys with. And another format will be actually me talking to another person or an "interview"

(23m 40s):

type of format. So I'll be inviting people that have achieved a certain level of success or happiness in life that, you know, they have created this particular possibility in their life that they want to share with all of you guys. And yeah, so mainly, that's the two format of the show. And so, the biggest question you may be asking is, "Why? Why host this podcast? Why host this show?"

(24m 22s):

So first and foremost, I think (it's) also a bit of a selfish reason. I want to actually learn from others as well. So that's why I'm going to be inviting people and also ask them questions, and have a discussion, have a conversation with them, so that me, myself, I actually learn from all these amazing people. And then from here of course, I want to be able to facilitate, for you guys to have new distinctions in your life.

(25m 2s):

So distinctions, meaning some new things, new information that will click, you know, like, you may have heard it before, but then this one moment, someone says it and then you're suddenly like, "Oh, okay, that's... so that's how it is!" So that's kind of like how distinctions work. And then of course, mainly the reason why I am hosting this podcast is because I really want to help other people. I want to really want to help you get, you know, a lot of value and I want to help you be better in life, to be more successful, to be more happy.

(25m 53s):

And I think if I achieve that, then I would say, this show would be a success. So, where to find out more? So I have actually a website, which is: jovanmedrano.com. I'll be publishing this podcast there. If you are listening in this podcast, whether in, you know, in your app, then you can also head onto the website and then you can get more information there and on how you can contact me. And the show notes will be there as well. And yeah, so that's, that's basically how it's going to be.

(26m 33s):

Alright. So in the, the next episode, I'm actually going to invite one of my close friends here in Singapore. He's also an entrepreneur and we've been together for, you know, I think a decade now? He's been with me through my ups and downs as well. So I'm very, very grateful and I appreciate this friend of mine. We actually worked together in another business of mine, which is In special needs therapy, which is in Philippines as well.

(27m 17s):

Interestingly, one of the things that we wanted to do to get there before, was to record our conversations, because our conversations about business, about personal development, really can last very, very long. There were several times, not just one or two times, several times, we actually talked and discussed, you know, like until very, very late at night, just discussing and talking about all these things.

(27m 57s):

So, yeah, I'm very, very excited for that episode and I hope you'll go ahead and listen to it as well! I'm sure you're gonna be learning a lot from my friend and from that conversation. So yeah, until the next episode, see ya!